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Cruise ships - manning

Cruise ships

Unlike in the olden days, where cruise ships were used for transportation, the modern cruise ships are designed for luxury, comfort and pleasure. These floating hotels employ a large number of crew in various departments. Their cruise itinerary is planned well in advance keeping in mind the weather conditions during the time of the year and the destinations are mainly of tourist interest. On a standard cruise, these ships enter port in the morning and after a day long excursions, they sail in the evenings, offering high standard of entertainment and luxuries on board. In certain ports like Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore and many other cities, these ships will have over night stays. Long sailings are very rare, except during ocean crossings on a world cruise. These world cruises are very interesting for beginners for visiting so many countries, crossing equator and International Date Line, watching various fjords and glaciers, Suez and Panama canal crossing, exciting river cruises like sailing deep into the mighty Amazon river and narrow sea passages in Alaska.

There are mainly three departments on a cruise ship. The third department is the Hotel Department and it is the largest department on board.

Deck/Navigation Department: Captain is the head of this department and the whole ship. Staff Captain is 2nd in command and he is overall in charge of the deck department, including ship' maintenance, general discipline, security, safety and other matters. Ship's navigation is done by three watch-keeping officers doing four hours of navigation each twice a day. Safety Officer is in charge of safety of the ship and for training crew in safety matters. Navigation Officer (one of the watch-keeping officers) is in charge of ship's navigation plan, charts and publications. Other watch-keeping officers also look after environmental issues and assist the Staff Captain and Safety Officer. Ship's communication systems are looked after by Communication Officer who looks after Satellite communication systems, emergency communications (GMDSS) and ship's TV broadcast systems. (On some ships, this duty is shared between deck officers (GMDSS), Electronic Engineer / Broadcast Manager (for electronic equipments and broadcast systems) and Systems Manager. Then there is a medical department comprising of a Doctor and one or two nurses. Ship's maintenance work is carried out by Deck crew with Bosun as the department head. There are also carpenters and plumbers. Chief Security Officer, under Staff Captain, is in charge of ship's security, passenger and crew check-in/check-out and all other security related matters of the ship. He is assisted by three or more security guards.

Engine Department: The Chief Engineer is the department head and Staff Engineer is in charge of the Engine department. There are three watch-keeping engineers, keeping four hours of watch in each shift twice a day. The First Engineer is in charge of Main Engine and ancillaries. The Hotel Engineer looks after the Air-conditioning system, plumbing, galley equipment and fresh water distribution system. He is in charge of AC mechanics and plumbers. On some ships, this job is looked after by AC Engineer and the plumbing jobs are looked after by First Engineer. Chief Electrician is in charge of electrical department. He is in charge of electrical propulsion system (if the ship is fitted with such system), electrical distribution, electronic equipment, lightings, telephone system and all other electrical related equipment. He is in charge of First Electrician and a couple of second electricians. Electronic Engineer looks after all the electronic equipment on board including sound system, stage equipment, navigational equipment and other systems. Fitters and a team of engine crew look after the general maintenance. Technical Inventory Controller /Store keeper is in charge of all engine spare parts and consumables.

Hotel Department: This is the biggest department on the cruise ships. Hotel Director (also called Hotel Manager) is the department head. While deck and engine department looks after navigational and technical aspects of the ship, this department looks after all passenger services.
Food & Beverages Manager is overall in charge of this department, assisting the head of the department (Hotel Direcator). Cruise director is in charge of all entertainment aspects of guests. He has a team of singers, musicians, dancers, jugglers or magicians. Technical aspects of stage shows are looked after by the Stage Manager, assisted by light and sound technicians. The house keeping department headed by Chief House keeper or Chief Steward is in charge of house keeping aspects of passenger cabins and areas. All passenger tours and excursions are looked after by Tour Manager and his team. The Restaurant Department is in charge of all restaurant and room services of the passengers. The Bar Manager and his staff look after all the bar services on board. The Chief Purser is in charge of all financial services of the ship, assisted by First Purser, Second Purser and Assistant Pursers. The reception desk is handled by Front Desk Manager and receptionists. On board Casino is looked after by Casino Manager and his staff. IT Manager (Systems Manager or IT Officer) is in charge of computer network, on board billing systems and all other IT related matters. Executive Chef is in charge of food department. He has a team of Sous Chefs, Chefs, Pastry Chef, Baker and a big galley team. The stores department comprising of Store Manager, Provision Master, Store keeper and many other crew look after the enormous amount of food stores, beverages and general stores of the ship. Ship's laundry is looked after by Laundry Manager and a team of laundrymen. There is also a Liner Keeper and a tailor. On board Spa is run by Spa Manager, beauticians and masseurs. The Shop Manager looks after on board duty free shops. There is a Printer who looks after all printing jobs on board including brochures, invitations and menu cards. There are additional staffs like Fitness Instructor and others depending on the services provided on board. Overall, this is the biggest department on board.

All this information is gathered from the ship's I have been sailing. It may differ in other cruise ships.

To find out about job opportunities, job description and to get a general idea about cruise ships, click on these links which take you directly to the employment section.


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Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy refers to see going ships in a non-combatant (non-military) commercial role. There are various kinds of ships such as general cargo ships, container ships, oil tankers, product carriers, chemical carriers, gas carriers, bulk carriers, car carriers, scientific research vessels, ferries and cruise ships. As the name implies, general cargo ships carry general merchandise, container ships carry cargo stored inside metallic containers, oil tankers carry crude oil, product carriers carry oil products like petroleum, ATF, diesel, furnace oil etc., chemical carriers carry chemicals, gas carriers carry liquefied gas, car carriers carry cars, scientific research vessels carry scientists and research equipment, ferries carry passengers across fixed destinations, and finally the cruise ships offer luxurious cruising experience to passengers offering various kinds of luxury like lavish bars and restaurants, discotheques, casinos, spa, swimming pool, music and entertainment, excursions and many other facilities.

Merchant Navy career: As in any other industry, merchant navy also has its own pros and cons.
Pros: Best opportunity to travel around world, visiting exotic locations and meeting people. Salary offered is quite good with free food and accommodation on board, up and down flight expenses etc. Also since both work place and accommodation is on board itself, there is no travelling involved to go to the work place. All the earnings on board are tax free provided a person spends more than 6 months away from India. Those who love adventure and a decent income, merchant navy will be the right place to be in.
Cons: Being away from home, one is exposed to home sickness and stress. At times life on board becomes too demanding with extended working hours, adverse weather conditions and work related problems. Sailing to war affected areas and piracy prone areas also expose the seafarers to life-threatening situations. Those who are prone to seasickness may find it very hard in the beginning. Also there are no week end holidays for watch keeping officers, engineers and crew. In the event of any emergencies back home, the seafarer will not be able to disembark and reach home in time. During vacation also, life becomes hectic with numerous trainings and certifications.

On a typical ship, there are mainly three departments:

1. Deck or Navigation department: The Captain or Master is in command and he is in charge of not only this department but for also the entire ship. The hierarchy goes like this:
Master - Chief officer - 2nd Officer - Third Officer - Deck Cadet - Deck Crew with bosun, carpenter, Able body seamen and Ordinary seamen
The deck department is responsible for ship's navigation, safety, security, environmental issues, deck maintenance, cargo operations etc.

2. Engine Department: The Chief Engineer is in charge of this department. The hierarchy goes like this: Chief Engieer - Second Engineer - Third Engineer - Fourth Engineer - Fifth Engineer - Fitter (and also pumpman on tankers) - Engine crew with oilers and wipers. Engine department is responsible for engine machinery, power generators, boilers, fuel system, fresh water generators, air compressors, air conditioning and all related auxillaries. The Electrical Officer is in charge of all electrical and electronic systems including electrical motors, power distribution, lighting, navigational equipment, automation etc.

3. Saloon department: This department consists of galley crew with cooks and saloon crew with stewards, laundryman etc.

To reduce manning costs, the number of crew on a ship has been reduced drastically from around more than 40 crew in 1980s to under 20 these days. However on a cruise ship, total number of crew carried are quite large due to the requirements for passenger amenities.

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List of shipping companies and agencies employing Indian Officers:


601 - 606 Arcadia,
195 NCPA Marg,
Nariman Point, Mumbai-400021
Phone: 4001 3300 / 3393, FAX: 4001 3310,

B1/14, HAUS KHAS, NEW DELHI-110116.
PHONE: 2685 9346, FAX: 2685 9348,

Chevron Manning Services Ltd.

C/o Northern Marine Management (India) Pvt.Ltd
301/302 Delphi,
B-Wing, Orchard Avenue
Hiranandani Business Park
Powai, Mumbai - 400 076
Tel: +91 22 67515226/ +91 22 67515200
Fax: +91 22 67515300

NYK Ship Management:

Mumbai Office
303,Ascot centre,
Sahar road,
Near Le Meridian Hotel,
Andheri - East, Mumbai - 400 099.
Ph : 91-22-28392760
Fax : 91-22-28392761
Email :

Kolkata Office (New Address)
Costantia Office Complex,
8th Floor, 11, Dr. U.N. Brahmachari Street,
(Beside Minto Park La Martiniere School)
Kolkata - 700 017.
Ph : 91-33-30219161/63/91
Fax : 91-33-30219160
Email :

Delhi Office
507, Ambadeep Building,
14, Kasturba Gandhi Marg,
New Delhi- 110 001.
Tel: +91(0)-11-4352 2446
Fax: +91 (0)-11-4352 2447

Chennai Office
Tiam House, Annexe,
2nd Floor 28, Rajaji Salai,
Chennai - 600 001.
Ph : 91-44-30418274 / 76 / 77
Fax : 91-44-30418275
Email :

The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.

245, Shipping House,
Madame Cama Road,
Mumbai 400 021
Website :

The Great Eastern Shipping Co., Limited

Ocean House
134A Dr. Annie Besant Road
Mumbai 400 018
India .
Tel. Nos: +91 22 66613000 / 24922100 / 24922200

MSC Ship Management (India) Pvt. Ltd.

7th Floor, Esperanca Building,
Shahid Bhagat Singh Road
Colaba, Mumbai - 400001
Tel : +91-22-6752 2555
Fax : +91-22-6752 2525

IMC Shipping Co. Pte. Ltd. Singapore

A 301/2,Remi Biz Court, Off Veera Desai Rd,
ANDHERI (W), MUMBAI – 400 053
E-mail: -
Tel : 91-22-6691 0645 / 46 / 48 / 49/ 53(D)
Fax: 91-22-6691 0647

524, Ansal Chambers II,
6, Bhikaji Cama Place, NEW DELHI–110066
E-mail: -
Tel : 011-26181985
Fax :91-11- 26181986

Anglo Eastern Ship Management, Hong Kong:

Kalpataru Point, 1St floor, Kamani Marg,
Opp. Cine Planet (Old Rupam Theatre),
SION (EAST), MUMBAI – 400 022
TEL.: (00 91 22) 66670170, 24040175 / 191 FAX: (00 91 22) 66670180 / 181, 24010045

4/6, First Floor, Academy of Fine Arts Building,
Siri Fort Inst. Are, NEW DELHI - 110049.
TEL: (00-91-11) 26496630 / 31 / 32 / 33 FAX: (00-91-11) 46120272

4A EGA Trade Centre, 809 Poonamallee Hight Road,
Kilpauk, CHENNAI 600010, TAMILNADU
TEL : (00-91-44) 26424030, 26428281 FAX: (00-91-44) 26422528,

Room No. 504, 5th Floor, Block 'B', Jindal Tower,
21/1A/3 Darga Road, Park Circus, KOLKATA – 700 017
TEL : (00-91-33) 22891133 FAX : (00-91-33) 22891144

Star Maritime Services

610 Acme Plaza,Opp. Old Sangam Cinema
Andheri - Kurla Road, Andheri (E)
MUMBAI – 400 059.
TEL: +91-022-67254402-05 ( 4 LINES ),+91-022-67254408, +91-022-67258778,
FAX: +91-022-67254400.

General Maritime Crewing Pte. Ltd.

304, Delphi, "C" Wing, Orchard Avenue,
Hiranandani Business Park, Powai, Mumbai: 400076
Tel: 022 40321234 Fax: 022 40321200


ANDHERI (W), MUMBAI - 400 053
TEL : 91 22 2673 2052 (6 LINES) / 6668 0816 / 6694 1189
FAX : 91 22 26732061 / 62
Email :

Centrofin Management Inc.
(Cenmar Maritime Agencies (India) Pvt. Ltd.)

64 A, Mittal Court, A-Wing, 6th Floor,
Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400 021
Tel. :- 91-22-22022278 / 79, Fax :- 22022250,
E-mail :-

Tanker Pacific Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

101 Unique Centre, 15 Waterfield Road, Bandra (W),
Mumbai 400 050 India
Tel : +91-22-67763010 / 67763011 / 26415858
Fax : +91-22-26415959
Email : Delhi Office :
Tel : +91-11-26859350 / 51
Fax : +91-11-41655537
Email :

Fleet Management Ltd.

601/A, 6th Floor, Elegant Business Park, Off Andheri - Kurla Road,
Near Kohinoor Continental Hotel, Andheri ( East ), Mumbai - 400 059
Tel : 91 22 67926100
Fax : 022-67926200 E-Mail :

Univan Ship Management Ltd, Hong Kong

801, Asian House, 1 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
Tel : 2527 0058 Fax : 28610742 E-mail : /

Essar Shipping Ltd.

Essar Shipping Ltd.,Essar House,
11,K.K.Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai-400034
Tel: +91 22 24950606
Fax: +91 22 66612072

d’Amice Ships (India) Pvt. Ltd.

A -202/203,
City Point, J.B.Nagar
Andheri – Kurla Road ,
Andheri (E) MUMBAI - 400 059
Ph: + 91 22 40372222 / 28234990
FAX: + 91 22 28234987

Star Maritime Services

610 ACME Plaza,Opp Old Sangam Cinema,
Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (East),
MUMBAI – 400 059.
TEL: +91-022-67254402-05,
+91-022-67254408, +91-022-67258778,
FAX: +91-022-67254400.

Pacific Ship Management Ltd.

132/C, Mittal Court, Nariman Point,
Mumbai 400 021.
Tel: 91-22-2287 3064, 2283 5163
Fax: 91-22-2285 3379
Email :

United Ocean Ship Management Ltd.

Behind Le Meridian Hotel,
Opp Grand Maratha Sheraton Hotel,
Andheri ( E).
MUMBAI- 400 099
TEL : + 91 22 28206767 / 66 / 65,
FAX : + 91 22 28206764.
E-mail : /

This list will be updated as and when more information is obtained.